How art affects people
An examination attempt based on a dance performance

"Coherence", as the word is defined, describes the context or cohesion of something. The presented project deals with the investigation of a physiological state in which the spectators of a dance performance find themselves in harmony or "connection" with the dancers. On the basis of a choreographic composition, a performance is realized that is intended to visualize the interaction between the audience and the dancers. The heart rates of dancers and individuals in the audience are measured in the course of the performance and then analyzed.

The theme "Mindfulness" will be explored with six professional dancers and choreographed with the aspects of breath and physical expression.

  • 1. Test 21st of June 2019, TanzArt Kischau
    The performance was followed by a panel discussion with:
    Dr. med. Susan Christoph, Oberärztin im Sächsischen Krankenhaus Großschweidnitz
    Thomas Lohse, Pressesprecher der Volksbank Dresden-Bautzen
    Dr. Inga-Maria Eichentopf, Physicist
    Natalie Wagner, Choreographer

Dancers - Jana Schmück, Kristin Mente, Amy Schönheit, Anja Neukomm, Ana Julia Paiva, Alba Alvarez
Assistant - Susan Schönburg
Photos - Uwe E. Nimmrichter / Natalie Wagner


With heartfelt thanks to our sponsors of the sensors HeartMath Deutschland


Photos: Uwe E. Nimmrichter / Natalie Wagner